Shining threads

Shining threads

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

This is the rhyme

This is the rhyme which got away.
The rhyme which took its time.
The rhyme whose chimes you can't quite grasp.

This is the rhyme which flickers at the surface of your subconscious.
The rhyme which is delivered through random ticker-tape feed.
The rhyme which comes unexpectedly from spilt seed.

This is the rhyme which is lost in the midsts of the past.
The rhyme which evokes the sublime.
The rhyme whose rhythm goes deep into the body's memory.

This is the rhyme which smiles when you make a faux pas.
The rhyme which is not controlled.
The rhyme which academics do not extol.

This is the rhyme which winks quite contrary to expectation.
The rhyme which gives you pause for thought.
The rhyme which the clauses of the contract do not cover.

This is the rhyme which the forecast did not predict.
The rhyme which breaks the clouds on an overcast day.
The rhyme lying in your pocket, which was not meant to be there.

This is the rhyme which taps you on the shoulder.
The rhyme which laps at your shoreline incessantly until recognised.
The rhyme which fractures received wisdom into bouquets of blossoming truths.

This is the rhyme which, against the odds, knows you better than most.
The rhyme which was buried in a field for no good reason.
The rhyme which was hidden in a world with a narrow script.

This is the rhyme whose only crime was to shame those out of line.
The rhyme which speaks of calamity only as a call to action.
The rhyme which weakens the cocksure and strengthens the cautious.

This is the rhyme which dances out of time to all but the most graceful music.
The rhyme which everyone sees but very few notice.
The rhyme which beckons with a crooked finger towards new possibility.

This is the rhyme which speaks to all, including those who listen.

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