Shining threads

Shining threads

Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Perfect Storm

Thunder came announced,
just after unexpected lightning.

It could have been many things - fireworks, a flashlight, an alien landing - but this time - it was a naturalistic abruption. (it's okay to make up new words)

They appropriated the discourse of Silicon Valley - declared a disruptive political movement.

Not playing by the rules. Introduce something new.

A perfect storm.

Storms are morally neutral.

A performance, an interruption, a tantrum, a crescendo of preceding heat, a destruction, a cleansing.

An assertion of Nature's partial dominion.

The balance of power varies, between the gods of natural phenomena and the entities that construct their lives within the [spectrum of existence].

The perfect storm is almost too much. It strikes with an awesome wrath which has no mercy and yet we indulge its excesses, out of respect and a sense of impotence with regards to this overwhelming electrical frenzy.

These days we are safe, as long as the waters do not rise too high and the trees are not felled in the direction of our dwellings.

These days we are safe, with our technological belongings and virtual networks and multiple media streams.

The predictions seem off-kilter, wild, an out-of-control spiral into a dystopic environmental desolation.

We can handle these discrete storms, marginal increases in heat and #flash-fires# & #flash-floods#.

The every-day people do not do the maths. We just want a quiet life.

And so the SUM of the equation, a progressive addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to overall elemental outcome, remains obscure.

Nobody knows - only these models can predict and philosophers can theorise and sages can warn.

We know disaster is possible. We know one person, one house, one village, one country can disappear into withered atrophy. The ways of destruction are many.

Yet this sense of a world in danger is too much of a           leap for those who find a complex holistic vision distasteful - as if Enlightenment were an overreach of polite conduct, which must restrain truth and expression, in order to keep a civilised sense of, if not peace, then at least lack of disruption. Scepticism keeps reality at a safe distance. The discrete whispers of the unconscious can be easily ignored.

And then the Perfect Storm strikes.

Always outside. From the perspective of the sheltered.

It reminds us.

Thunder and lightning are symbols of our elemental power.

When we can match their intensity, then we will have arrived.

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  1. Greetings from Chester. I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.