Shining threads

Shining threads

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Re-framing sin

Obsession is good. To be compelled. To choose again and again. To long passionately. To feel deeply. To attach to a goal without compromise. To yoke one's destiny to a repetitive beat that grows louder and louder the further you walk. To say yes, again and again.

Idleness is good. To be lazy. To kick back. Do nothing. To wander. To wonder. To daydream. To let go. Drifting without focus. Flicking through pages without aim. Letting the mind unwind and energies settle.

Rudeness is good. Being abrupt. Having a short-fuse. Speaking one's mind. Cutting someone off. Complaining. Swearing. Breaking taboos and convention. Crossing 'the line'.

Grossness is good. Doing a poo. Digging the soil. Performing oral sex. Blowing your nose. Taking a shower. Attending to base needs. Such pleasures in necessity. Low-brow indeed.

We need variation - all things have their time in the sun, in our ceaseless circling.

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