Shining threads

Shining threads

Monday, 16 May 2011

How to steal the world

Become a stalker of beauty. Tread stealthily amidst the flowers and drink from the well of the senses. Nothing is lost.

Be aware of security cameras. They're watching your every move - from the walls and from on high - but treat life as a movie set and play your part well. Lift the shop to a new level of perception.

There are guards everywhere but just act natural and imagine they do not exist.

Seize every opportunity that crosses your path. Never ask 'is this for me?' or 'is it too good to be true?'. There is no answer save the one you create for yourself.

Take small slivers so you can digest over time rather than massive chunks. The world is not going to go away. Enjoy each fleeting moment and draw the ephemeral beauty in impossible ways in your mind.

We have had the cloak of Maya thrown over us - so whilst we travel in illusion, it seems reasonable to help ourselves to a few bonuses on the way.

Magpies search for gleaming shards of experience to fly back to their nests.

What you take defines you so choose carefully - nothing is fixed but there is no return policy on stolen goods!

You will never steal the world but in trying you can have fun.

Ultimately you will have to surrender but in the meantime, become a shoplifter and make your fingers light.

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