Shining threads

Shining threads

Friday, 20 May 2011


Trees know both ways. Roots down in the bowels of the earth - hell's fiery energies which feed the soil - rhizomatic connections in the underworld AND branches reaching out into the sky's open blue - feeding on sunlight and waiting for the cloud's pregnancy to yield nourishing tears.

Trees know both ways. Stillness and movement. Stability and flexibility. Wholeness and multiplicity.

Trees know both ways. Older, much older than us - as inhabitants of the earth and in their life-spans.

Trees know both ways. Know all ways. A spherical planet with trees as spikes protruding from all angles of the lattice of nature. Each tree pointing out to a different stellar system, extending infinitely.

Trees see nothing. Say nothing. Hear nothing. Taste nothing. Smell nothing. Yet they are in constant communication with all other nodes in the network of life.

Tell me you haven't wondered and I'll speak of mysteries - similitudes between humanity and trees. Our relations stand in silent witness - their swaying making the wind blow. Our breath. Their life. Bound. Together.

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