Shining threads

Shining threads

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Many ways to say no

There is the slammed door.

The lowering of eyes.

The cruel laugh.

The sideways glance.

The silent treatment.

The disapproving look.

The raised hand.

The shaking head.

The snatch back.

The desperate scream.

The angry chant.

The roadblock.

The suicide note.

The gentle refusal.

The lack of interest.

The day in bed.

The hunger strike.

The sign of prohibition.

The blank shrug.

The refused gift.

The frigid crossing of arms.

The empty apology.

The absence.

The lack of reply.

The empty seat.

The discarded ring.

The ripping up of the contract.

The deserted house.

The life unlived.

NO ricochets through the universe - passed on through a million actions and non-actions.

A team of negative spirits play psychological tennis with a team of positive spirits.

Everyman's soul lies in the balance.

No is part of Heaven.

The cards of YES and NO are held close to our chest and the destiny of our heart depends on how we play them.

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