Shining threads

Shining threads

Sunday, 26 July 2015

There is no perfect line

There is no perfect line.
You will be fined
for parking on the double yellow line.
For crossing the line, we have drawn.
You will be torn apart from your instinct.
And fitted inside this box that has been constructed.

There is no linear path.
If you deviate, we shall charge you with sin. We will win.
My pencil is straight and narrow
and is my bureaucratic aid. Determining that I am paid.
We have made this religious/political/economic system
And to satisfy our obsession, you must fit in.

There is no flawless body.
If you develop a twitch,
you will be mocked for biological errancy.
No spots, marks, blemishes
and how dare you relish the thought of lying
with disapproved flesh.
Conform to the stylists' vision or be photo-shopped forever.

The line dances, the line is curved.
The path prances, the path turns.
The body cavorts, the body learns
that things are looser
than strictly speaking
and according to the programme
create your own tracks.

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