Shining threads

Shining threads

Saturday, 13 August 2011


One is unchanging. One is single. One is alone. One is all-knowing. One is the person.

The globe. The universe. One is the primal unity of heaven and earth. A circle. The fusion of transcendent and immanent.

One is the all-seeing eye. One is divinity. One is. One (whisper it) is God.

One is the resolution of all opposites. One is simplicity. One smiles. One is being.

One is peace and love. All in one! There is only One. One is the first and has an urge to continue but restrains itself.

One stays put. One is the ancient regime, the status quo, the perennial philosophy. One knows no other.

One is the creator before the act of creation. One is humourless yet is caught in an eternal punchline.

One is self-referential. One is a goal. One is fixed. One is the source. One is the heart.

One is when you realise that everything is connected and everyone knows one another and there are no secrets. One is a one-off.

One is unique. One is the start and the end. One is where autism and pure love meet. One is complete.

One is where narcissism and extroversion join. One is the whole. There is nothing to say. One is silence.

One is white. A golden white. One-der-ful. One has won.

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