Shining threads

Shining threads

Saturday, 1 January 2011

The jagged stare of nature

This has been said before,
by sages attuned to the jagged stare of nature
but perhaps the revelation of what is
must be renewed again,
in tune with the demands of this age.

The angular symmetry of concrete constructions
must not be allowed to prevail,
at the expense of the peculiar isness of creatures various:
the hawk, the lion, the snail and the shark
are more than symbols.

The rock, the tree, the ocean
can bring us back to our senses,
melting the steel of mental edifices.

Our being is uniquely wedded to
and reflects each particular beautiful expression of the world.

Every aspect of nature stands alone in its assymetry
yet is immaculately networked into an infinite whole.

We move from mirror to mirror, sometimes entranced
but never deeply satisfied
until we meet our own limitless power,
face to face,
seeing the many-eyed creation
unmasked as creator:
one eye
wide open,
smiling and shining through every atom

This is called perceptualisation
and as our seeing is seen,
so we can affirm the ancient traditions
whereby everything is recognised as conscious.

Like the voice of Jehovah in the Book of Job
and Blake's awe at created things:
the Leviathan and the Behemoth,
the Tyger and the Peacock and the Lion.

We must not lose sight of the fact that,
as humans, we are part of this vast tapestry.

Lest we bury ourselves in obesity and cosmetic surgery,
let us not forget our kindred spirits with which we share this earth.

Do not deny the powers of the bear and wolf,
long banished from our native woods.
Their fierce powers live on in our psyches,
ready to devour our souls
if we assent to our own self-destruction.

Do not ignore the poison of the scorpion,
scuttling, scared deep within our selves,
but lift up its timidity with divine power to transform it into a soaring eagle,
giving vast vision to prophecy a consecrated future.

Deeply observe the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly
and feel the possibilities of giving birth to yourself,
over and over again.

Look at the sun and let yourself be bathed in the original splendour of divinity.

Dissolve the narrow confines of your thinking into the vast spaciousness of the sky.

Do not, in arrogant defence of your narrow vision, forget to honour other beings,
in dimensions as yet unexplored by all but the most courageous.

This existence is nothing, if not fecund.

Listen deeply to the well of silence and see what sounds emerge.

Do not be surprised if its contents shatter your everyday perceptions.

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