Shining threads

Shining threads

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Shining threads

There's a beautiful primordial self,
both delicate and fierce,
gentle and indestructible.

Called by many names.

More a way or process than a 'thing'.

It cannot be pinned down
yet it is immediately recognisable,
cutting through confusion and darkness.

The sparkle in her eyes.

The silver lining to those clouds.

The icing on your cake.

That extra dimension that's revealed when the sun's rays lift perception.


The luminosity of the moon up there.

That liberating ring of truth.

The touch of his hand.

A wink from your friend.

A smile from that stranger.

The leap to the punchline of your favourite joke.

The space between two sides of a paradox, you fall in and out of, again and again.

A glimpse of beauty.

A revelation of formerly unknown depths in a familiar.

That mysterious coincidence.

The subtle voice you sometimes hear.

Shining threads.

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