Shining threads

Shining threads

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Mystery wood

My vision is clear,
now I've awakened in mystery wood.

Could and should meet and merge and disappear.
What is left is only a residual fear.
Perhaps I have always known,
a state of clarity where I am not dethroned.

There were moments indeed.
And maybe this moment will not last forever.
(time - such a paradox)
Life being what it is, peaks and troughs.
Confidence ebbing and flowing.

This is the kairos to ride the wave,
skillfully, not trying too hard,
but keeping the momentum, moving forwards.

Watching both the clouds and the sea
(surely the difference is only of degree, I sing aloud).

Is this what I always wanted to be?

I know there are more currents to explore;
having sailed down them before.

Need to weave it all together
and fling open the door
to the unfolding of possibility in mystery wood.

Now I have taken down my hood
the wind blows wildly through my hair.

Freedom is meeting life's loving stare....
and not flinching.

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