Shining threads

Shining threads

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


We are the ocean
and it don't belong to no-one.

So don't go telling me about the status quo -
'cos that's just dreams in the minds of greedy men.

Every private stream must meet the common seas,

Since if it don't,
it will dry up
and rise to the skies
or go underground.

Every wave has its day in the sun,
playing on the shore,
'til it's pulled back into the family of water.

Every son and daughter of the living waters,
oughta know its place,
its shared links with all things.

Some waves imagine they are distinct from the rest,
and try to control the ocean,
bottling up water into little packages to sell and tax,
or go on a separate journey, 'away'.

Some water flies up into the greater glory of celestial clouds.

Whilst other water freezes in frigid contraction,
afraid to flow with life.

When a droplet falls, when a snow-flake descends,
hold out your hand for it's a fallen angel,
come to taste the earth's bittersweet fruits again.

Everything knows, everything flows,
cycles of water,
the motion of the ocean's tides,
moved by and lit by the moon,
reflector of our solar generator -
let praise circulate around the system.

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