Shining threads

Shining threads

Thursday, 30 December 2010


Whatcha mean? Ya wanna be free? Free to do what? Or freedom from.....


From....the bogey monster? The shadows in your mind?
From the bullies at school? Free from you?
From the government? Freedom from bad habits for the duration of Lent?
Free from ya folks who hold you back?
Freedom from your last partner who says you're no good in the sack?
Free from your image in the mirror which disappoints you too often.
Free from the sap of sentimentality which makes your dick soften.
Free from the advertising man who wants your precious bucks.
Free from lecherous people who want a quick fuck.

Free to fly to the moon and live off lunar cheese.
Free to leave the country and do as you please.
Free to kiss who you choose without guilt in your mind.
Free to stick up two fingers at those who're unkind.
Free to sing hallelujah at a humanist meeting.
Free to admit to your mates you like Ronan Keating.
Free to go jogging at night and sleep in the day.
Free to say you don't work but do much creative play.
Free to eat what you like according to your whims.
Free to hit the dance-floor and flail around your limbs.

Whatdaya mean by freedom? Is this a goal you have to pursue?
An abstract concept which lives in a philosophical zoo.
Is this a state of immaculate isolation?
Or a quality divorced from practicality, but enjoyed in your imagination?
Do you need a written constitution to do what you want to do?
Do you need to enact a revolution to be true?
Do you need a course of therapy to be straight in your communications?
Do you need Eastern philosophy for your spiritual elevation?

Is a desire to be free perhaps the thing that keeps you trapped?
The bars are purely mental and the prison a conceptual map.

The wind has no beginning and freedom has no end.
We always start in the middle and try to fix things which need no mend.

The poise of freedom is a precious just-so with an infinite amount of saboteurs.
The wily nature of the world has its traps and its lures.
But freedom is a jealous god and holds true to its own bliss.
Action without attachment, hand without fist.
Wisdom without diktat, precision without miss.

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