Shining threads

Shining threads

Thursday, 30 December 2010

I didn't give up

I didn't give up, I just stopped.
I didn't fall, I just dropped.

We didn't break up, we just moved apart.
It wasn't a new beginning, just a fresh start.

I wasn't fired, I just left.
I didn't steal, it was just theft.

We didn't argue, it was just a talk.
We didn't stroll, it was just a walk.

I didn't lie, I was just economical with the truth.
I wasn't rude, just a bit uncouth.

I didn't moan, I just sighed.
I wasn't fat, I was just wide.

I wasn't poor, I was just broke.
I wasn't enlightened, I just awoke.

I didn't crash, I just collided.
It wasn't synchronicity, things just coincided.

I didn't laugh, I was just amused.
I wasn't perplexed, I was just confused.

I didn't change, I just shifted.
I didn't become happy, I just lifted.

I didn't ignore, I just walked past.
I didn't go quickly, I just moved fast.

I didn't decide, I just made up my mind.
I didn't conform, I just aligned.

I didn't win, I just came first.
It wasn't a disaster, it was just the worst.

I wasn't born, I just emerged.
I didn't accelerate, I just surged.

I didn't die, I just stepped back.
I'm not lucky, I've just got the knack.

It wasn't love, it was just a romance.
It wasn't situational, it was down to circumstance.

I didn't repair, I just mended
I didn't bow, I just bended.

I didn't breakdown, I just crumbled.
I didn't trip, I just stumbled.

I didn't nag, I just fussed.
It wasn't by necessity, it was just a must.

We didn't dance, we just jived.
I wasn't living, I was just alive.

I wasn't ignorant, I was just in the dark.
I didn't make an impression, I just left a mark.

I didn't catch, I just received.
I didn't see, I just perceived.

I didn't hug, I just embraced.
I didn't hurry, I just made haste.

I didn't play, I just fooled around.
I wasn't silent, I just made no sound.

I didn't shout, I just spoke out loud.
I didn't rebel, I just deviated from the crowd.

I didn't cry, I just wept.
I didn't hoard, I just kept.

I didn't discover, I just found.
I didn't sink, I just drowned.

I wasn't dishonest, I was just wiley.
I wasn't manic, I was just very smiley.

I wasn't rich, I just had lots of money.
I wasn't amusing, I was just funny.

So look at my life, in a different light.
You think grey is black, but maybe it's white.

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