Shining threads

Shining threads

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Uncommon wisdom

Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side

Leap before you get stuck just looking

There really is such a thing as a free lunch....just say thank you and enjoy it...

There are certainly plenty more fish in the sea, but also octopuses, sharks and jellyfish!

It isn't always a case of it wasn't meant to be - maybe you just messed it up

There isn't a reason for everything - some things just are without any great significance

Some clouds don't have a silver lining

An apple a day keeps the grocer in business

Some good things are eternal

Not all roads lead to Rome - some lead to desolation and ruin, some to heaven on earth, others lead to New York and others to Luton

He who waits may find that good things pass him by

You do not have to lie in the bed you make, you can rent it out

A watched pot certainly does boil

Are you treating life well?

Barking dogs sometimes do bite

Beggars can be choosers

Generally, welcome Greeks who bear gifts - may be a nice bottle of olive oil

Some boys will be girls

Brain is not always better than brawn - depends on the situation

Blessed if you do, damned if you don't (or vice versa depending on the situation)

Burn your bridges if there is a clear enemy on the other side

Sometimes a book's cover is a fine way to judge it

Look a gift horse in the mouth if the gift is suspect or unsatisfactory

The early bird does not catch the worm if he has only had two hours sleep

Don't go with the flow if it is leading to poisoned waters

Give and sometimes create a dependency

If at first you don't succeed, by all means try and try again, but after a few attempts, perhaps a different direction is in order

Life begins when you start to dare

Lightning sometimes strikes in the same place

Don't miss the trees for the wood

Opportunity knocks at every moment

That which does not kill you can often leave you weaker

Some of the best things in life cost quite a lot of money

The customer is often wrong

Sometimes it might be a good idea to argue with the barrel of a gun

Sometimes speak before your thought kills the impulse

Trouble shared may just exacerbate the trouble

Two's company, three's saucy

You can have your cake and eat it

You can have it both ways - in some contexts

You can teach an old dog new tricks (though it might be hard)

Life is neither 'short' nor 'long' but infinite and eternal

Life is a bitch and a whore and a lover and a milkmaid and an empress and a temptress and a mother and a babe and a granny and a witch and a 21st century liberated business woman and much more besides....

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