Shining threads

Shining threads

Friday, 31 December 2010

The cycle messiah

Coming over the cycle bridge, it's the two-wheeled messiah, head lit by the halo of a yellow helmet, announcing over and over again, the virtues of open-air motion.

Breaking through the commotion of a busy city street, the bicycle messiah winds his way around walking shoppers and scatters trouser-clips amongst the desperate masses.

The people have been crying out for salvation and now here he is - the cycle messiah - showing the way by making a clear arm signal to the left, whilst urging people not to read significance into everything he does.

It's hard being the cycle messiah, pot-luck navigation around pot-holed streets - seeing who he will meet - mending punctures, fixing brakes, adjusting seats, confronting those on the make to examine their humanity and adjust their set so they might receive a clearer signal.

The bicycle messiah rings his bells and poops his horn - arms high in the sky, riding with the confidence of an 11 year old, at the peak of his pre-pubescent powers.

This revolution is a two-wheeled one and makes progress through cyclical movement in a forward direction.

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