Shining threads

Shining threads

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Planets of sound

There's a planet, not a million miles from here,
where the only word used is 'bliss'.

There's a planet, dreamt up somewhere,
whose inhabitants speak in cockney rhyme.

There's a planet, an evil twin of earth,
where everything is spoken backwards.

There's a planet, nestled away across the milky way,
where silence rules, except for a minute every year, when everyone cries, in respect of those who died by sound.

There's a planet, you can see if you squint,
where nobody can understand what anyone is saying.

There's a planet, yet to be discovered by astronomers,
where people communicate through a combination of singing, telepathy and sign language.

There's a planet, heard of in ancient tales,
where everyone uses computer-generated speech,
and speak of a long-awaited prophet called Hawking.

There's a planet, spinning through the astral realms,
where twisted creatures can't stop laughing at a joke which everyone long forgot.

There's a planet, down, down, in the hell realms,
where language has been stripped of beauty and pleasure, and merely serves to describe machines.

There's a planet, spinning round a nearby star, where sexy aliens utter orgasmic groans, in an ever-rising, never-ending crescendo.

There's a planet, where we reside,
in which languages are becoming extinct by the day.

There's a planet, which is being born,
where different languages dance and mix to create a new poetic vision, the age of the imagination, starting NOW!

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